Well-done postproduction plays a big role in our  visualisation workflow. It is mostly at this stage where the whole image comes alive. We populate it with people, trees, flowers, small objects and so on. Never carelessly though, mind you. We take pride in the fact that each of our visualizations includes small stories that  make  the whole image more lively and  engaging.

The image is fine tuned, color corrected and adjusted (usually with up to hundreds small corrections). We highlight the shadows and lighting, quite often  even by carefully hand-drawning them in and enhancing them for stronger effect. All those layers of adjustments,  although they may seem quite insignificant separately, give our images the distinctive  visual  edge.

It is the postproduction stage where the final  visualization gains its atmosphere, its mood, its soul. We never underestimate this part and we always make sure the magical “it” is  in the final image before it leaves our  studio. This is time consuming and it does require careful thorough work, but we believe that the time devoted to it and to our clients is well worth it.