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This form does not need to be fully completed, however, the more time you spend filling it, the better we can meet your ideas and we can also give you a more accurate estimate of how long we will need for our magic.

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If you want to send another Scene, fill it in the form (you can omit the introduction of the Input Form if it is the same as the previous Scene) and click SUBMIT again.


One project can consist of multiple SCENES and therefore more visualizations (which, please, fill in separately).

Typical example: Apartment building, consisting of 3 SCENES (A, B, C). SCENE A: one exterior visualization,  SCENE B: two living room visualizations, SCENE C: one bedroom visualization.


You can only fill in the details for similar visualizations (e.g. interior) once.


We will send you our price and time estimate as soon as possible.


Thank you!

The redpixel team


We highly welcome additional attachments, such as  drawings,  sketches, photos of  the area, reference pictures of a similar project or style you want to achieve etc. Please send those to us at with subject "Project name").

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